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Crossing the river

In the previous issue of the Newsletter, we have already highlighted the recent paper by Bernhard Voelkl et al. from University of Bern. This publication has apparently caught the attention of many of our colleagues and triggered diverse feedback. We would like to mention one particular …

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PREPARE (Planning Research and Experimental Procedures on Animals: Recommendations for Excellence) Guidelines

As part of ongoing efforts to reduce waste and increase the reproducibility of animal research and testing, a group of experts led by the Secretary of Norecopa has produced a set of guidelines for planning animal experiments: The PREPARE guidelines for planning animal experiments complement the …

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PREMIER Symposium Report

On March 16, 2018 the international symposium on ‘Quality Management for Academic Research in Preclinical Biomedicine: Burden or Boon?’ took place. The symposium served as a forum to discuss the challenges of quality management in a research environment that thrives on curiosity and creativity. This event …

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