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Upcoming Meetings

–  February 05-07, 2018 – Bonn, Germany
PRINTEGER European Conference on Research Integrity 2018

–  February 14-16, 2018 – Hanover, Germany
The Herrenhausen Conference: ‘Lost in the Maze? Navigating Evidence and Ethics in Translational Neuroscience’
The Herrenhausen Conference focuses on new treatment modalities of novel neurological interventions in the light of the ethical challenges concerning the personal despair.

–  February 26-28, 2018 – Taipei, Taiwan
Asia Pacific Research Integrity (APRI) Network Meeting 2018

– March 2-4, 2018 – Richmond Virginia, USA
2018 International Conference “Committing to Excellence: Educating with Integrity”

– March 7-9, 2018 – Rome, Italy
PEERE International Conference on Peer Review
The conference aims to stimulate the use of evidence-based research in the design and implementation of peer review in a variety of fields and encourage more systematic research.

– March 16, 2018 – Berlin, Germany
Quality Management for Academic Research in Preclinical Biomedicine: Burden or Boon?

– April 10th, 2018 – virtual conference
Enhancing Rigor and Transparency in Neuroscience
The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) will be holding a virtual and open access conference from 9 am to 5 pm EDT. More on our website

– April 12-14, 2018 – Uppsala, Sweden
Conference “Making It Up: Histories of Research Integrity and Fraud in Scientific Practice”

– April 13, 2018 – Utrecht, The Netherlands
NRIN Research Conference 2018

– April 27, 2018 – Vienna, Austria
2nd HEIRRI Conference “Education towards a responsible society, transforming universities through RRI
The conference will present the results of nearly three years of project activities designed to promote the integration of RRI within the education of scientists, engineers and other professionals involved in the R&D process.

– July 9, 2018 – Toulouse, France
ESOF 2018 – Euroscience Open Forum
The ESOF is the largest interdisciplinary science meeting in Europe. It is dedicated to scientific research and innovation and offers a unique framework for interaction and debate for scientists, innovators, policy makers, business people and the general public.

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