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“Avoiding the Edge Effect – How to increase reproducibility of in vitro microplate experiments?”

The randomization of study subjects is commonly discussed for in vivo studies and is in general an accepted practice. However, for in vitro experiments, randomization is often seen by scientists as unnecessary effort with questionable impact.In our Featured Publication, an assay artefact called Edge Effect was identified as a …

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Invited Commentary: Qeios – from a powerful writing tool to an immidiate Open Access platform

By Gabriele MarinelloCo-founder, Qeios We have just started with Qeios the path towards the necessary revolution in research production, quality check and sharing.We have built an astonishingly simple integrated system which combines those three distinct phases of the research life-cycle. Besides being freely accessible to everyone, simpler and …

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Good Practice for Conference Abstracts and Presentations: GPCAP

GPCAP provides recommendations on good submission and presentation practice for scientific and medical congresses. These recommendations cover conference abstracts, posters and slides for oral presentations. GPCAP focuses on company-sponsored research i.e. research that is sponsored and/or funded by a pharmaceutical, medical device or biotechnology company. Company-sponsored …

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