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Collection of resources for the use of R in study design and analysis

In the recent report on „Digital tools and services to support research replicability and verifiability”, Caroline Skirrow and Markus Munafó have argued that “publication of analysis scripts can help to improve transparency of data analytic methods, allowing greater replicability and verifiability of scientific results”. We strongly support the …

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Balancing futility and benefit – Is academic research ready for higher research quality standards?

byAnton Bespalov (PAASP)Adrian G. Barnett (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia)C. Glenn Begley (BioCurate, Melbourne, Australia) *For a condensed version of this commentary, please visit the Nature website.  Many of the signals of concern about the current research system originate from industry and are not always positively received by …

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How to design preclinical studies in nanomedicine and cell therapy to maximize the prospects of clinical translation

Reproducibility in preclinical research may be low because of the high prevalence of biases and of suboptimal research practices (such as biased allocation of experimental groups, experimenter bias and lack of necessary controls, the use of uncharacterized materials, poor use of statistics, poor scientific training, etc.). …

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