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Failing Grade: 89% of Introduction-to-Psychology Textbooks That Define or Explain Statistical Significance Do So Incorrectly

Null-hypothesis significance testing (NHST) is commonly used in psychology and biomedical research areas. However, statisticians have long warned that researchers regularly misinterpret and misapply the technique.In this paper, published by Scott Cassidy and colleagues, the authors investigated whether introduction-to-psychology textbooks actually accurately define and explain statistical …

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EQIPD Summer School 2019

“Improving preclinical data quality and robustness”Now open for registration! We’re excited to announce that, for the second consecutive year, SYRCLE will host the EQIPD Summer School 2019 entitled “Improving preclinical data quality and robustness”! Date and place: September 16th-19th 2019 at Radboud university medical center, Nijmegen, …

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NIH Workshop on Optimizing Reproducibility in Non-Human Primate Research Studies by Enhancing Rigor and Transparency

On September 16-17, 2019, NIH will be holding a workshop to build upon current reproducibility efforts by exploring best practices for enhancing rigor and transparency in studies specifically using non-human primate models. NIH is particularly interested in exploring the role of ethical factors that may influence …

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