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  • Anton Bespalov

    Anton Bespalov


    Anton Bespalov obtained his MD degree from Pavlov Medical University (St. Petersburg) and after completion of PhD studies in St. Petersburg and Utrecht held NIH-supported Fellowships at Medical College of Virginia (Richmond, VA) and Scripps Institute (La Jolla, CA). ...
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    Quality in Research is the basis for the development of novel drugs.

  • Martin Michel

    Martin Michel

    Business Development

    Martin C. Michel is a physician trained in experimental and clinical pharmacology in Essen (Germany) and San Diego (California). He headed the Nephrology and Hypertension Research Laboratory in Essen (1993-2002), the Department of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapy at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands, 2003-2011) and was Global Head of Product and Pipeline Scientific Support at Boehringer Ingelheim (2011-2016). ...
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    In god we trust - on good science we rely on!

  • Christoph Emmerich

    Christoph Emmerich


    Christoph Emmerich, a Biochemist by training, carried out his PhD studies in the fields of cancer biology and apoptosis at the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ), Heidelberg and at the Imperial College London. ...
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    Research Quality is necessary for everybody, the researcher, the publishers, the funding agencies and the society.

  • Björn Gerlach

    Björn Gerlach

    Director internal operations

    Björn Gerlach studied biology at the University of Giessen, Germany, to obtain his Diploma with a focus on immunology, microbiology and biochemistry. He started his PhD at the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg and after one year moved with his supervisor, Prof. Dr. Henning Walczak, to Imperial College London. ...
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    Increasing quality of research is fundamental to enhance translatability of research data from animals to humans

  • Malgorzata Pietraszek

    Malgorzata Pietraszek

    Senior Project Manager

    Malgorzata Pietraszek has over 20 years of experience in CNS pharmacology acquired in both pharmaceutical industry and academic environments. Malgorzata holds a PhD from the Institute of Pharmacology Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) in Cracow and a MSc from the Jagiellonian University (Cracow).
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    High research quality is essential for creating successful academia-industry collaboration!

  • Arnoud Herremans

    Arnoud Herremans

    Arnoud Herremans is a psychologist by training (Utrecht University), holds a PhD in Neuroscience (Utrecht University) and has been leading a pharmacology department at Solvay until 2010. During the years at Solvay, Arnoud introduced Operational Excellence and Lean management in the pharmaceutical discovery operations and witnessed great improvements in productivity ...
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    Through continuous improvement obstacles become challenges and vision reality.

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