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Arlenda, founded by its CSO Bruno Boulanger, is based in Belgium and an expert for statistical analysis and specialized lab software solutions. The company provides a broad consulting service in the area of non-clinical and clinical research with a focus on statistical aspects. No matter if you are facing a challenge in Bioassay development, Biomarker validation or Bayesian solutions in preclinical studies, or you are interested in translational science, clinical trial predictions or protocols and reports for clinical studies, Arlenda has experienced experts at hand to support your project.

Additionally, Arlenda has expertise in Software development and provides solutions for validation of Physio-Chemical methods, Ligand-Binding assays, and offers products for Shelf-life assessments and Release Limits identification. All software solutions are compliant with global regulatory standards, are user friendly and can be used as a Software-as-a-Service from any location in the world.

Please contact Arlenda themselves for a comprehensive list and more detailed information.

Contact details:

Chaussée verte 93, 4470 Saint-Georges, Belgium

Phone: +32 10 46 10 10



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