Private and Public Funders

Recently it was published that more than 50% of research experiments and studies cannot be reproduced by an independent laboratory (REFERENCE). This raises the question: How is it then possible to find projects that are worth funding? Especially considering the high responsibility towards sponsors, tax payers or donators.

Working with us can increase your confidence in data, projects and research groups as our assessment protocol (PAASPort®) is built to evaluate different sources of bias and to detect biased research which can question the research outcome. The PAASPort® report provides a clear statement whether or not a research project is based on appropriate quality standards essential to produce reproducible and trustworthy data sets.

Our evaluation can also provide important insight and information during the review process or funding period to judge the midterm results of a biomedical project.

We strongly believe that only a proper evaluation or audit protocol can reveal the quality of research data.

If this idea sounds appealing to, please do not hesitate to contact us and we are happy to discuss all different practical application of PAASPort®.