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Program Outline

PAASP is the pioneer in assessing and evaluating preclinical research data quality. Analysing risk factors, which could lead to biased design and conduct of experimental studies is the core of our work.

Our Assessment program has different elements:

We assess specific sets of research data to provide an expert opinion on the likelihood that these data are robust enough to support subsequent projects.

In this context, we are looking into different areas:

  • Training programs
  • Existing internal quality standards
  • Compliance with existing standards
  • Reporting of poor compliance with guidelines
  • Sharing of data, protocols, materials, software and other tools

We are investigating factors within a research facility influencing the objectivity needed to design, perform and analyse research studies. These factors include not only quality requirements like blinding and randomization steps, but also complex financial, personal and organizational aspects.

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For these assessments, we have established a proprietary protocol, named PAASPort® (link to more information) providing you with a precise picture about the compliance of your institution/research group with Good Research Practice procedures and mechanisms of quality assurance.

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