Connecting Research Partners

Providing high quality contract research

Finding the best CRO for your project can be tedious work. PAASP provides a database of curated research partners who proved to be highly reliable with their research quality. 

How does it work? – An example of a supported project

A major pharma company active in the fields of Immunology and Neuroscience was running internally a variety of drug discovery projects – each one of them requiring support of anatomy and histology groups. With all main research facilities of this company located in a Western European country, it turned out to be problematic to engage highly experienced and highly qualified internal research staff to do large volumes of routine work (essentially preparing the tissue for histological analysis). An additional challenge was the reluctance of upper management to increase headcount in R&D. Additionally, reducing histology support of the projects, another option to reduce the workload for the department, was fiercely resisted by project leaders. The histology department was clearly regarded as a success critical project bottleneck, when an interesting alternative presented itself. Looking for solutions to eliminate this success-critical project bottleneck, we have identified a lab in Poland that employed people with highly developed histology skills, had at least 50% of their resources unused (due to limited funding) and a high motivation to work. Two people from this lab were sent to the pharma company’s research center for a one-month training program. Upon their return, this lab received basic tools necessary to conduct the work and the tissue samples to process.