We are all aware of the challenges modern science is facing. And we, like most readers of this newsletter, are working to address these challenges. We believe that our efforts will be successful but we are also aware that it takes a looooong time until we will be able to see measurable changes. This is rather unfortunate because, for a number of reasons, research quality is an urgent matter
What we do not like is when these challenges and weaknesses cause the society to lose trust in science. What else can we expect if the modern way of doing research is illustrated to the general public in a comic like THIS
Cartoons and comics are a very powerful and easy-to-digest form to communicate. We want to use this form to communicate that good quality research exists, it can deliver robust and reliable results, and we are working to make it known to everyone. We would like to develop and disseminate comics with positive messages about research.
Thus, please get in touch with us if you know any artist creating such cartoons and comics…