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Quality Assurance and Monitoring

Founded in 2015, PAASP is the first full-service consulting and auditing company providing support to questions of operational risks related to quality of research data. The focus is on preclinical research in large consortia who create value for biomedical research.

Planned activities can be introduced in grant applications with four modules:

Module 1 – General training

For each research partner, there will be an on-site or remote training on Good Research Practice (equivalent to two days) hosted by the research partner and organized by PAASP.  Curriculum of the training workshop will follow the program developed by the ECNP Network and EQIPD.

The primary objective of this workshop (open to everyone from students to PIs) is to make sure that the research teams fully endorse the values of unbiased research conduct and best research practices.

Workshops are to be held during Months 1-2.

Module 2 – Initial assessments and research rigor planning

Coupled time-wise to the training workshops, for each research partner, PAASP team will conduct assessments and discussions on quality practices with, if needed, assistance in identifying, building and implementing required solutions.

Focus of these discussions is on the following:

  • data management and documentation practices
  • internal validity of studies to be-conducted
  • authentication of biological resources
  • training qualification of scientists involved in the studies

This step is concluded by the development of a cross-lab study plan (with the feasibility assessment) that will be pre-registered on an online platform (Month 3)

Module 3 – Spot checks, critical accident and error management

For each research partner, PAASP will coordinate a time period during the conduct of the study when spot checks can be conducted to discuss any unexpected behaviours. The goal of these spot checks is support of:

  • optimal handling of raw data
  • proper control of risks of bias (eg performance bias)
  • adequate data management

Further, operating mostly in a remote manner, PAASP team will provide support in managing and documenting the critical accidents, errors and deviations from the pre-agreed plan (e.g. ARRIVE guidelines, FAIR principles).

Module 4 – Data QC and final report

For each research partner, PAASP will conduct a QC check on generated results and reports, and will produce a final report on compliance with the confirmatory research standards. This will also include support and feedback on comprehensive publication of research data with assuring availability of research data in data repository. If desired and a systematic approach is implemented, this module can also lead to the EQIPD certification of the research unit.

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