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How robust are your data?

Scientists at PAASP have developed the unique evaluation protocol, PAASPort®, to identify potential bias in research and to create a comprehensive picture about the quality of research data. Click here for more information…

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The tool to assess and improve quality of research practices!

Scientists at PAASP have developed a unique evaluation protocol which was named PAASPort® to identify potential bias in research.

This tool allows the identification of risk factors, leading to biased research data, and protection mechanisms, preventing such bias. This allows to create a comprehensive picture about the quality of research data.

PAASP Network

The partnership consists of a network of experts in the US and Europe and performs services around the globe.

Find out more about the PAASP team or get directly in contact.

PAASP Resource Center

PAASP collects and curates information for researchers in the Resource Center on the reproducibility crisis.

The resources provide support and background information for improving the research process but are also fun!

Case study


In one of the last Newsletter issues (LINK), we wrote about the uncertainties which sometimes exist when trying to find the best normalization approach for a given study. In this context, the need to be transparent about normalization or randomization steps and provide sufficiently detailed information is nicely demonstrated by the following example:
One of the most influential papers about the role of the gut microbiota in obesity has been published in Nature in 2006 by Turnbaugh and colleagues. It has already been cited more than 8000 times. …

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