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    PAASP is a global leader in the assessment and accreditation of nonclinical research practice in the field of life sciences. We provide services to facilitate the generation of robust and reliable data and enable improved and accelerated decision-making. Our mission is to increase the probability that basic nonclinical discoveries will translate into safe and effective clinical treatments.


Identify and mitigate risks

PAASP’s proprietary platform allows to identify risks of bias in biomedical research by assessing research practices and the lab environment

Comprehensive knowledge on potential risks allows for implementing appropriate measures and trainings



Compliance with EQIPD recommendations

PAASP is the first organisation able to check and certify with its proprietary platform compliance with the EQIPD recommendations

This allows you to prove to third parties that you have the quality system installed or that you adhere to high rigor standards



Biotech investments

Recent cases illustrated that issues with data integrity and research rigor can damage the reputation of individual scientists and affect the value of companies.

PAASP introduces a new service for investing in early-stage biotech: PAASPort®-based assessment of investment opportunities for data integrity and research rigor risks.


Academic-industry partnership

The transfer of academic innovation into drug development requires the translation of “efficacy claims in animals” into “therapeutic efficacy in humans”

PAASP provides expertise and support to complement the scientific excellence of an academic innovation team with specific knowledge regarding translational milestones and knowledge-claiming research standards.


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Initiatives that the PAASP Network
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Funder of EQIPD from the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking.

Conferrer of the NIDA Challenge Award and SBIR Grant for PAASPort®.

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Sponsor of the projects GOT-ITQ-COFA, and DECIDE.


United States sponsor of the Global Preclinical Data Forum and sponsor of the Negative Data Prize and PEERS project.


A taste of our most recent headlines.

A wiki platform to organize research labs
September 3, 2021

As part of the PREMIER project, a document sharing system was developed and made freely available as a template to all interested parties…

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Webinar at scientist.com
June 21, 2021

PAASP network member Christoph Emmerich will introduce the EQIPD framework in the context of scientist.com. Scientist.com is a stakeholder of EQIPD…

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Newsletter June 2021
June 16, 2021

NEWS           – New EQIPD paper published – Read more          – The MDAR Framework –…

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