How robust are your data?

Recent publications showed some worrying results about the quality in research and point towards a major issue in the scientific field: The lack of being able to reproduce research data. This issue seems to be so prominent that the phrase “Reproducibility Crisis” came up because 50 -90% of data could not be reproduced. Interestingly, according to a survey published in Nature shows that researchers are aware!

In summary, it looks like there is a huge problem of biased research in different scientific areas. Various solutions are discussed to improve data quality and integrity, but unlike in many other professions and private life, a comprehensive evaluation of bias in research is missing.


The tool to assess and improve quality of research practices!

Scientists at PAASP have developed a unique evaluation protocol which was named PAASPort® to identify potential bias in research.

This tool allows the identification of risk factors, leading to biased research data, and protection mechanisms, preventing such bias. This allows to create a comprehensive picture about the quality of research data.

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