Improving data integrity

Our services will help you and your team to create robust data, increase data quality and support you in decision-making.
This will allow you to perform non-controversial research, help you to become investment ready and identify the best opportunities for your investment.


Assess the quality of preclinical data by addressing all potential sources of bias. The assessment includes:

  • Design of research studies
  • Data handling, storage and statistical analysis
  • Analysis of risk factors and protective measures
  • Interviews with scientists and management


Support on quality assurance during research grant funding, with dedicated work packages for securing research rigor in academic research projects. The support includes:

  • Good Research Practice training for all project participants
  • Support in study design
  • Spot checks during conduct of the study
  • QA/QC reporting at the end of the project


Remote evaluation of research manuscripts for research data documentation and compliance with guidelines:

  • Transparent and traceable storage of raw data
  • Compliance with specific relevant guidelines
  • Adherence to ALCOAplus
  • Awareness of research bias


Strategic guidance for planning and conducting drug discovery projects. The coaching and mentoring includes:

  • Setting up robust study designs
  • Design of “killer experiments” and define “Go or No Go” criteria
  • (Mock) due diligence for licensing discussions
  • Guide prioritization of further research efforts


Unique workshops, seminars and lectures on good research practice for bench scientists, focusing on:

  • Meaningful sample size and statistical power
  • Best practices in raw data handling, record-keeping and documentation
  • Case studies and analysis of scientific publications
  • Tools and guidelines for producing high quality research data
  • Avoid common mistakes that affect data quality



Assessment tool for research units.


Software to design and archive research.