Survey: Study plan requirements


Importance of items in the Study Template from EQIPD

The following statements were taken from the Study Plan template suggested by EQIPD. If you would like to get more background on each item, you can also have a look in the EQIPD Toolbox linked HERE.

Please rate the importance of the following items

Welcome to your Study plan requirements

1. Include a title for the study?
2. Include the study hypothesis?
3. Identify whether the study is exploratory or knowledge-claiming?
4. Statement about choice of experimental model(s) or method(s)?
5. Include a statement about choice of controls?
6. Include measures against risk of bias?
7. Include description of sample size calculation?
8. Include description of inclusion and exclusion criteria?
9. Include description of animal resources, reagents and materials?
10. Include a study design overview for complex study designs?
11. Include experimental procedures?
12. Include a description of raw data analysis?
13. Include a a section for amandements?
14. Include references?
15. Include preregistration?
16. Include a risk assessment?In the current study plan template from EQIPD this is on overview table in the beginning in which researchers have to make statements about measures against the risk of bias.