A platform to evaluate data quality in biomedical research.

Introduce quality into early decisions to improve the probability that basic nonclinical discoveries will translate into safe and effective clinical treatments.

A proprietary tool that evaluates the quality of research practice.

Uses machine learning models to predict the probability of clinical success based on non-clinical data quality.

Helps identify the most robust non-clinical data and allows low quality projects to “fail faster.”

PAASPort® is optimized for nonclinical research and many kinds of organizations can benefit from this service, including:

Research Companies

PAASPort® enables the early detection of potential bias, avoiding wasted resources investing in low-quality research data.


PAASPort® provides a third-party quality assessment, increasing assurance that funding is applied to research with greater translational potential.


PAASPort® enhances the value of conventional due diligence by delivering expert statements about the probability that a given set of preclinical data is robust enough to support a successful drug discovery project.

Contract Research Organizations

PAASPort® certification identifies research procedures as unbiased and data of high quality, offering a competitive advantage.


Having a research process evaluated with PAASPort® will show funders and investors that research is aligned with best practices.


PAASPort® certification increases confidence that research projects are on the right track to attract investment and generate the next blockbuster treatment.