Once upon a time in the beautiful kingdom of Datamania lived a prince named Prince Fairhair. Though he was gentle as few, and good looking too, his father would not let him choose the love of his life on his own. No, he was destined to marry a woman from the neighbouring kingdom. He did not even know her name, only that she was referred to as My Fair Lady. Before the father of My Fair Lady could accept the marriage, he had a quest for Prince Fairhair. Only by fulfilling the quest, would he be able to marry the princess. His quest was to find out how to turn water into gold. A quest that would require gathering loads of data chests and look for clues that could lead to the recipe.
Luckily, Prince Fairhair was not alone in his quest. One of the castle wings housed a number of wizards who could help him decrypt and investigate the data chests. However, it was impossible for the data wizards to go and hunt for data themselves. Thus, to assist them, a huge number of elves were trained to look for data chests. The elves had read books, journals, comics and even poetry to know where to look. The quest was about to begin, and the elves went hunting for data chests all over the kingdom of Datamania and in empires far far away.
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