On October 27, 2016, several PAASP team members participated in a meeting in Amsterdam organized by the ECNP Preclinical Data Forum‘s core team together with experts from various types of organizations involved in funding, conducting and disseminating results of biomedical research. While there are various ongoing and planned efforts to develop novel standards for Good Research Practice, the objective of this meeting was to identify important gaps and areas of unmet need where this group of experts supported by their organizations, peers and the ECNP Network could make a difference. Among the proposals that received most attention and will most likely be followed are:
a) the pre-registration of studies or tools to record hypothesis before the study (Anderson, J. & Kimmelman, J. Nat Biotechnol. 2012 Jun; 30(6): 488–489),
b) a repository for tools and information (regarding data analysis, study design aspects, guidelines – extended version of what PAASP is already maintaining on its website),
c) an online self-reference resource for the best practice and recommendations regarding study design including a tool or process to help scientists decide what aspects of the study conditions need to be recorded and reported (i.e. based on the strength of the underlying evidence),
d) a tool / resource / training course regarding the use of Bayesian statistics in biomedical research. PAASP has volunteered to join the Working Group together with colleagues from Janssen and the Frankfurt Fraunhofer group to develop a GRADE-like process to assist scientists in evaluating the relevance and value of evidence related to factors affecting study design, conduct and reporting. These discussions are planned for early 2017 and the Group will report at the next ECNP Network meeting in March 2017.