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Is N-Hacking Ever OK?
December 22, 2023

The consequences of collecting more data in pursuit of statistical significanceYou probably have encountered this: you did an experiment, observed a…

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How can Core Facilities support best research practices?
December 20, 2021

Core Facilities (CFs) are a major player within the research landscape since they provide essential infrastructures, experimental support and knowledge to…

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PEERS – An Open Science “Platform for the Exchange of Experimental Research Standards” in Biomedicine
November 3, 2021

Do I need to consider the sex of the animals for my study? Is the background noise level likely to vary?…

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Standardized and reproducible measurement of decision-making in mice
June 16, 2021

Reproducibility of data has never been more at the forefront of scientific endeavour than now. In their latest contribution, the International…

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Impact of tumour heterogeneity and tissue sampling for genetic mutation testing: a systematic review and post hoc analysis
August 17, 2020

Staff at QED Biomedical Ltd have conducted research to demonstrate how sample bias in patient- derived tumour tissue samples with somatic…

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Improving quality of preclinical academic research through auditing: A feasibility study
March 31, 2020

Commentary provided by Claudia Kurreck (Department of Experimental Neurology, Charité -Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany) The performance of audits and assessments is always a…

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Reproducibility of Molecular Phenotypes after Long-Term Differentiation to Human iPSC-Derived Neurons: A Multi-Site Omics Study
November 17, 2018

At the presentation of the ECNP Negative Data Award (see above), there was an interesting point made by one of the…

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What exactly is N in cell culture and animal experiments?
June 6, 2018

“Accurate Design of in vitro experiments – Why does it matter?” was the name of a previous post (LINK) from our…

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Reproducibility of preclinical animal research improves with heterogeneity of study samples
February 27, 2018

Pre-clinical animal research is typically based on single-laboratory studies conducted under highly standardized conditions. However, a new study published by Bernhard…

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Development of an information sharing platform – Pharma shares unpublished results
May 22, 2016

F1000 Research has published an article entitled “In search of the mechanisms of ketamine’s antidepressant effects: How robust is the evidence…

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