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P values in display items are ubiquitous and almost invariably significant: A survey of top science journals
July 9, 2018

P values represent a widely used, but pervasively misunderstood and fiercely contested method of scientific inference. Display items, such as figures…

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Simple statistics
February 1, 2018

This website was published by Tom MacWright and contributers to provide a library of statistical methods in readible JavaScript. This detailed…

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A systematic review of sample size and power in leading neuroscience journals
December 19, 2017

Adequate sample size is key to reproducible research findings: low statistical power can increase the probability that statistically significant results are…

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Abandon Statistical Significance
November 10, 2017

In science publishing and many areas of research, we have reached a ‘binary decision rule’ in which any result is first…

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Standardized mean differences cause funnel plot distortion in publication bias assessments
September 28, 2017

Meta-analysis is a complex statistical method which involves synthesis of data from relevant studies to devise an effect size or a…

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When Null Hypothesis Significance Testing Is Unsuitable for Research: A Reassessment
September 1, 2017

Null hypothesis significance testing (NHST) is linked to several shortcomings that are likely contributing factors behind the widely debated replication crisis…

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Redefine Statistical Significance
August 17, 2017

When statistician Ronald Fisher introduced the P-value in the 1920s, he did not mean it to be a definitive test. He…

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Data Analysis and Statistics
August 17, 2017

This collection of articles is all about data analysis and statistics. Gelman, A 2012. “Why We (Usually) Don’t Have to Worry…

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Searching for significance
August 20, 2016

To examine associations between urinary chemical concentrations and adult health status, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) measured…

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eNeuro publishes Series on Scientific Rigor
July 22, 2016

Christophe Bernard, editor in chief of eNeuro, mentions in this editorial the issue of scientific rigor with a reference to two Commentaries…

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