In this Editorial, published in Biologie in unserer Zeit, Martin C. Michel and Ralf Dahm discuss threats and opportunities related to the current reproducibility crisis in biomedical sciences.
The authors highlight several top-down approaches currently in place to increase data quality and reproducibility: the BMBF, the EU or the NIH have launched research programs on the topic of reproducibility; various specialist journals (e.g. Nature or Molecular Pharmacology) have adapted their guidelines for authors; and the DFG has published newguidelines for Good Scientific Practice and declared them binding for all DFG-funded scientists.
In addition, there is also an increasing number of bottom-up initiatives, such as the European Quality in Preclinical Data (EQIPD) project ( or the Global Preclinical Data Forum ( Such initiatives as well as professional organizations like the PAASP Network (e.g. offer solutions, advice and training to promote preclinical data quality.