The GoEQIPD Webinar Series provided a foundation for best practices in preclinical research and how the EQIPD quality system can be used to help ensure rigor, robustness and reproducibility in generating, interpreting and publishing findings. Speakers highlighted EQIPD’s role in different parts of the scientific ecosystem with a focus on best practices. Dr. Thomas Steckler and Prof. Malcolm Macleod set the scene with a general introduction on the state of efforts to enhance research rigor, how the recently published EQIPD framework has changed the landscape and what remains to be achieved. Other topics included issues in performing systematic reviews and meta-analyses, exploratory versus confirmatory research, challenges and opportunities for achieving rigor in academia and biopharma, and a hitchhiker’s guide to the use and misuse of statistics. The webinars are available on the GoEQIPD YouTube channel and the GoEQIPD website.