Solid experimental design, data analysis and data storage are among the fundamental requirements for Good Research Practice. Originally, these aspects were documented in hand-written lab notebooks. To support scientists in collecting and archiving the mostly electronically generated data sets, several companies have developed electronic Lab-Notebooks (eLN) over the last decade.
However, most eLNs focus on storage and archiving aspects but not primarily on the experimental setup and analysis of data. PAASP envisioned a fully integrated eLN that provides simple and intuitive support for researchers especially for the design phase of new studies. Therefore, this software should a) have integrated tools to support the design of high quality experiments (e.g. power analysis, randomization, etc.), b) allow the analysis, documentation and sharing of the results and c) be used as a tool for an effective assessment of Good Research Practice.
To realize this vision, PAASP collaborated with the enso Software GmbH in Erbach, Germany. Enso was established in 1999 and is experienced in developing tools and eLNs for chemistry labs. Our newly developed eLN prototype is called StuDySign and currently tested in five different laboratories. However, we are looking for additional interested researchers that are willing to test StuDySign in their labs, provide feedback and develop this software together with us. We believe that StuDySign can bring significant advantages to your daily work regarding the design of experiments, collaboration with colleagues and implementation of essential quality requirements, aligned with Best Research Practice and industry standards. If you are interested in StuDySign, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss conditions to provide an access code and a copy of the software.