Quality in preclinical data: Increasing the robustness and validity of behavioral and physiological testing in animal studies
This meeting will take place on November 2nd (3-6 pm) in San Diego, CA, USA and is co-organized by EQIPD and Noldus Information Technology. It is open for everyone to participate. There is an exciting agenda with presentations aimed to trigger a productive discussion. As a matter of fact, the plan is to keep the presentations to a minimum and have the main focus on the interactive discussion session:
• Opening, welcome by the session chair
• Why is research quality important? Short pitches from different perspectives:
o Academic research: Prof. Dr. Hanno Würbel (University of Bern)
o Pharmaceutical industry: Dr. Isabel Lefevre (Sanofi)
o Academic core facility: Dr. Bruce O‘Hara (University of Kentucky)
o Funding agency: Dr. Shai Silberberg (NINDS / NIH)
o Publishing: Dr. Eric Prager (Wiley)
o Patients: Dr. Magali Haas (Cohen Veterans Bioscience)
• Introduction to the EQIPD project and the EQIPD Quality Management System: Prof. Dr. Malcolm Macleod (University of Edinburgh)
• The behavior lab of the future: Dr. Lucas Noldus (Noldus Information Technology)
• Interactive session (all participants) about the requirements, functionality and acceptance of the Quality Management System.