The BioRN Network, the Biotechnology Cluster Rhein Neckar, was founded in 1995 by the Heidelberg University and 40 companies to facilitate innovation and to take part in the BioRegio Competition. BioRN won this competition in 1996 and as a result, received federal grants amounting to approximately 26m € (and another 40m € in 2007) for further development of biotechnology in the Rhine-Neckar region. Hence, BioRN became an active supporter to advance innovation and to build a local network for the exchange of ideas and experiences. The network has strongly grown and continued to win several more prizes and awards. Today, it consists of more than 80 active members and is connected to other organisations within Germany and Europe. In 2013, BioRN was awarded the Gold Label of Cluster Management Excellence.
PAASP will contribute to the activities of the network and will use this opportunity to interact more closely with the local biotech community.