We are proud to announce that PAASP has partnered with HENRICH Pharma-R&D Consulting, a specialised consulting firm located in the Frankfurt area in Germany (http://en.dr-henrich.com). Markus Henrich, founder and managing partner, looks back at two decades of experience in pharma R&D, especially in the preclinical field. During his time at the industry he gained expertise in all scientific disciplines necessary to drive the success of preclinical research and development.
The main focus of HENRICH Pharma-R&D Consulting is the productivity of R&D and the effective tools and management techniques to improve this key aspect of life science innovation. In addition, the firm brings expertise in areas like drug design, lead optimization, CMC, API development and analytical development which complement the expertise of the PAASP team.
Furthermore, PAASP and HENRICH Pharma-R&D Consulting will combine their strengths and significant personal expertise in the field of „nearshoring“ – high-quality, cost-efficient outsourcing of preclinical R&D to Eastern and Central European organizations and service providers. Under this partnership, we will provide both tools to assess research quality at the potential collaborator site(s) as well as the management skills and training crucial to implement and operate the near shoring model successfully.