The purpose of these two ITN-ETN calls is to train a new generation of creative and innovative early-stage researchers, focusing on two specific and distinct research areas. The ultimate aim is to raise excellence research and doctoral training, thereby extending the traditional academic research training setting, and equipping researchers with the right combination of research-related and transferable competences. The networks will provide enhanced career perspectives in both the academic and non-academic sectors through international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral mobility combined with an innovation-oriented mind-set.
Importantly, creating awareness about data quality and robustness issues is an essential aspect of these training networks and this is precisely where PAASP comes in:
PAASP will provide training and infrastructure support for Good Research Practice and will organize courses on Robustnesss and Reproducibility of preclinical data. These courses will cover various sources of poor data quality, scientific misconduct and associated reproducibility. PAASP will also contribute to the proper experimental design of experiments and studies by providing GRP training for individual or groups of scientists.