We have always enjoyed our connections to peers in the US and the support from our US-based advisors, but have felt the need to be in better contact with the research scene in the US. To help us achieve this goal, we are very glad and proud to announce that our long-term colleagues and collaborators in the US, Andre Der-AvakianPatricia Kabitzkeand Rob Miller have registered a new venture called ‘PAASP US LLC’. Another very dear colleague, Dan Deaver, has also recently agreed to join this team.

We, here in Germany, fully endorse our US colleagues’ efforts and will do our best in supporting them.

Like the PAASP GmbH in Germany, PAASP US will offer research quality consulting and assessment services,specifically designed to monitor and reduce the impact of bias on non-regulated drug discovery research. Our vision is to provide access to one standard unified PAASPort® platform to customers and collaborators worldwide! 

The PAASP teams in the US and Germany are separate legal entities that share the same vision and will share several information resources such as the website and the newsletter.