We are happy to announce that PAASP is part of the PEERS (Platform for the Exchange of Experimental Research Standards) initiative, which is supported by and run in collaboration with Cohen Veterans Bioscience. The project originated from the ECNP Preclinical Data Forum and started in July 2020.
The aim of PEERS is the development of an open-access online platform that will help scientists to decide which factors and variables most likely affect the outcome of an experiment and should therefore be considered when planning and reporting biomedical studies. PEERS will provide practical recommendations for experimental design and scientific reporting, as a tool to increase data robustness and reproducibility.
The PEERS platform collects and analyses published as well as unpublished information and best research practices related to specific in vitro methods or animal models. PEERS will be designed to provide detailed work instructions/recommendations, which can guide scientists during the design, conduct and reporting phase of an experiment.