On March 16, 2018 the international symposium on ‘Quality Management for Academic Research in Preclinical Biomedicine: Burden or Boon?’ took place. The symposium served as a forum to discuss the challenges of quality management in a research environment that thrives on curiosity and creativity. This event served as the kick-off meeting for the PREMIER (Predictiveness and Robustness through Modular Improvement of Experimental Research) project, funded by the Volkswagenstiftung, and aimed to develop a structured quality assurance system for biomedical academic research.
PAASP’s Anton Bespalov gave a talk entitled: ‘Research Quality in industry vs academia’, describing the current status quo of quality assurance in both settings and distinguishing factors between them. This is important to understand in the context of the different challenges academia and industry are facing and how the future preclinical quality systems for non-regulated research will best fit within these different environments.
All talks and pictures from the symposium can be found HERE.