Dr Arnoud Herremans, founder and CEO of Y47 provides a service to introduce processes that continuously improve workflow and bring Innovation Excellence to Life Science and Chemical organizations where research is an important part of daily life. The center of Arnoud’s service is Lean Thinking which builds a mind set in every employee to clearly identify problems in their work processes. By creating awareness, it is possible to learn how to analyzes and improve these processes in a way that is rather “not telling what to do” but teaching how to identify and change unproductive habits and procedures.

Three pillars build the basis for a lean culture:

  1. Building Lean Knowledge
  2. Practical Application of Lean Knowledge
  3. Cultural Change

Arnoud will be happy to provide more information on how to implement these pillars step by step, and tell you more about Lean Knowledge and how it can easily increase productivity and innovation in your facility.

Parklaan 34, 3404 WH IJsselstein, The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)6 40 208 731
E-Mail: Arnoud.Herremans@gmail.com
Web: http://www.y47.eu