The BIOtech network Rhein-Neckar (BioRN) held its annual (digitally) conference virtually on November 20th. The network brings together a mix of research organizations, industry and service providers.
During the morning session, the focus was on specific research projects and technical innovations. This was followed by the poster session, where PAASP’s Björn Gerlach presented the EQIPD Quality System to participants of the meeting.
The ”Firesite Chat” in the afternoon was led by Dr Sigfried Bialojan (Head Life Science Center, EY GmbH) and discussed potential innovations for the Rhein-Neckar region by supporting the biotech infrastructure via a) easily accessible lab facilities (Johannes Frühauf, CEO, BioCentral/BioLabs); b) investment possibilities and academic-industry partnerships (Thomas Hanke, Head of Academic Partnership, Evotec); c) investment and tech transfer (Jürgen Bauer, Deputy Managing Director, EMBLEM Technology Transfer); and d) infrastructure support and networking (Julia Schaft, Managing Director, BioRN). In this context, a possible role for PAASP in supporting these activities is currently assessed.