The two philanthropists Laura and John Arnold funded with an incredible sum of $967 million (link) projects for education, public pensions reforms, criminal justice dietary policy and reproducibility in science. With their strategy the founders of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) aim to strengthen areas of the society that underperform or are in any other aspect behind their capabilities. Sadly enough, this is exactly the case with science as reported many times.

One of their most prestigious projects in life science are the Center for Open Science Inc. (COS) headed by Brian Nosek and Jeffrey Spies in Charlottesville and the Meta Research Innovation Center at Stanford (METRICS) headed by Steven Goodman and John Ioannidis. The foundation supports the two Reproducibility Projects on Psychology and Cancer with the aim to reproduce several landmark publication in the respective fields.

Laura Arnold presented this issue in an TEDx Talk on May 30th, 2017 by actually using an example from another TEDx Talk in which data were presented that later couldn’t be reproduced. She is pointing out the problem of non-reproducible science in a very vivid manner making it worth watching.