PAASP will collaborate with the ZWM (Zentrum für Wissenschaftsmanagement e.V.) to develop and present a course „Werkzeugkoffer für die Professur“ (‚Toolbox for Professors‘), which will start in March 2018. This course is aimed at newly appointed professors, junior professors with and without tenure track, research group leaders, private lecturers and other scientists with the career goal of a professorship and is designed to support them in carrying out their duties, which includes much more than research and teaching. The six three-day modules of the course are dedicated to the topics “Leadership, Personnel, Conflict”, “Advice and Design in Study and Teaching”, “System and Law”, “Finance”, “Collaboration and Teams” as well as, “Reports, Committees and Good Research Practice”.
The Good Research Practice module will discuss key quality requirements for the unbiased design, conduct/analysis and reporting of research studies and will offer support for the supervision of Students and PostDocs in questions related to data reproducibility, integrity and robustness.