In December 2018, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) initiated its sixth annual Challenge competition with the aim to solicit and support entrepreneurial ideas that could eventually result in marketed products advancing knowledge and providing healthcare solutions in the field of Substance Use Disorders.  

On January 23, NIDA has announced the results of this competition and PAASP US was amongst the ten winners. Our award-winning proposal was called ‘Analytics Platform for risk management in drug discovery’ with the aim to establish a platform that will serve to assess the robustness of research data, evaluate the industrial maturity of the therapeutic efficacy claims, and support the corrective measures, should the gaps or missing information be identified. The most important part of the Award is the coaching that PAASP US will now receive and that will support a development of a comprehensive proposal covering various aspects of the PAASPort application in the US – from market research to developing a digital platform supporting its administration.