You might have seen the Wheel of Science (WoS) on the front page of our website – but what does it actually mean and why is it at the central focal point for our activities at PAASP? The WoS summarizes the proper way of conducting a research project according to the basics of GSP.
The blue gear-wheels indicate common steps in the life science research process from the first hypothesis to designing experiments and finally publishing the results obtained/verified.
To obtain meaningful and robust data of highest integrity and quality, certain control and monitoring operations (green gear-wheels) are required, e.g. validation of key tools and reagents, suitable study design and statistical analyses, incorporation of essential experimental controls, etc. Here, PAASP (yellow wheel) helps and supports research organizations to meet individual checkpoint criteria by providing consultancy for the establishment and maintenance of GSP procedures and by analyzing existing sources of bias (related to finances, personnel and publications). Hence, we at PAASP (yellow) will act/see ourselves as the gear force behind each experimental step of a research project (blue) to ensure its thorough execution by promoting the use of best scientific practices and standards (green) – with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of non-regulated biomedical reserach.