Manufo et al published an open access manifesto in Nature Human Behavior for reproducible science. This interesting piece summarizes the problems in science and presents several key elements that need to be widely implemented to optimize the scientific process. The authors refer to current analysis showing that several elements indeed improve the current situation. However, the implementation of these elements, like improving methods, reporting and dissemination, reproducibility, evaluation and incentives are only slowly adopted. It was interesting to read about the changes in evaluation and that especially this part needs further ideas since the authors point out that the peer-review process is changing due to different factors. But the trend towards an open peer-review process comprises new problems. Importantly, the authors also claim that science will not work without a very well implemented evaluation process.

By reading so many publications and talking to people about the irreproducibility crisis, one can learn a lot about different ideas which are repeatedly presented by the same people. However, one also gets the impression that the right ideas certainly exist, but that the scientific community is divided in groups who are A) passionately fighting to improve the situation, B) a group that is very slowly moving towards implementing measures for higher reproducibility but C) also a group ignoring the situation all together. The challenge will be to establish a mechanism to reach and change the mind set of all researchers. LINK