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The Embassy of Good Science – An online platform fostering research integrity

By Iris Lechner The field of research integrity is growing substantially. An increasing number of guidelines and initiatives to foster responsible research practices are being implemented worldwide. Individual researchers however sometimes find it difficult to know which policies, codes and rules of good research practices apply to them …

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Improving quality of preclinical academic research through auditing: A feasibility study

Commentary provided by Claudia Kurreck (Department of Experimental Neurology, Charité -Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany) The performance of audits and assessments is always a sensitive issue in the academic preclinical research environment. The most important argument for not conducting audits in the scientific community has been that audits would …

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Is N-Hacking ever OK?

It has been proposed repeatedly that adding samples based on results of initial experiments is a form of p-hacking (see e.g. new Instructions to Authors of journals of the Am Soc Exp Pharmacol Ther). While these recommendations were based on sound theoretical considerations, Pamela Rainagel from San Diego …

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