Lenny Teytelman wrote in a Nature – World View article about the necessity to share experimental protocols to be able to safe time, understand experiments in detail and -most importantly- reference protocols.

At PAASP, we agree that the last point is very important and have reported previously about the new protocol sharing platform from the Springer/Nature publishing group.
Another excellent platform to share protocols, called protocols.io, was established in 2014 by L. Teytelman et al. providing several advantages:
A) it allows to publish and freely access experimental protocols,
B) it allows the versioning of each protocol, hence changes can be made if a method was further improved,
C) all published protocols are equipped with a DOI providing the possibility to cite protocols,
D) it allows to set up protocol repositories which can be shared within private groups and be published at any time.

Apparently, about 200 journals made it already a requirement to use this platform to reference protocols from its repository. Just as the RRID (Research Resource Identifier), we see this platform as another important step to make research more transparent and reproducible.