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Sample Size Matters – An App Exploring Sample Size and Power

Problems with statistical analysis and data visualization in published papers (REF1, REF2, REF3, REF4) have led to calls to improve training for biomedical scientists. Although statistics are essential for biomedical research, statistics training is not always required to complete a PhD.A new set of free online simulators allow readers visually to explore statistical …

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The Embassy of Good Science – An online platform fostering research integrity

By Iris Lechner The field of research integrity is growing substantially. An increasing number of guidelines and initiatives to foster responsible research practices are being implemented worldwide. Individual researchers however sometimes find it difficult to know which policies, codes and rules of good research practices apply to them …

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Biological vs technical replicates: Now from a data analysis perspective

We have discussed this topic several times before (HERE and HERE). There seems to be a growing understanding that, when reporting an experiment’s results, one should state clearly what experimental units (biological replicates) are included, and, when applicable, distinguish them from technical replicates. In discussing this topic with …

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New Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology focusing on Good Research Practice

The Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology is one of the most authoritative and influential book series in pharmacology. It provides critical and comprehensive discussions of the most significant areas of pharmacological research.PAASP members have contributed to the new Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology “Good Research Practice in Pharmacology …

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