As part of the PREMIER project, a document sharing system was developed and made freely available as a template to all interested parties for download and installation in a local environment. This wiki platform was developed to transparently share, store and further develop knowledge within a department, a laboratory or an institute.
The structure of an open research wiki guarantees a continuous exchange of knowledge. All information and documents on processes and internal regulations of a laboratory can be stored here and are available to all employees. Document control, e.g. writing and updating of SOPs, can also be done via the PREMIER Wiki. The wiki is password-protected, so that each employee has his or her own wiki account. Reading and writing rights can be assigned variably, depending on existing needs. This allows the wiki to be adapted exactly to the requirements of each organization.
On the PREMIER Wiki platform, users will also find the modular clickable PREMIER QMS (the QM house) with all contents. This content is not editable, it is rather meant to serve as an orientation introduction to the individual quality modules. Additionally, users will find the PREMIER template for the experimental design of research projects on this platform.
All other content of the wiki platform can be designed by the research unit. The members decide which content should be shared, maintained and passed on to colleagues.