Newsletter August 2019


  • The University of Heidelberg and PAASP join forces to work on the Q-CoFa project – Read more
  • The EQIPD Summer school – Read more
  • Launching of the first EQIPD video – Read more

Featured publication: A multi-center study on the reproducibility of drug-response assays – Read more

Recent publications related to Good Research Practice:

Invited Commentary: Qeios – from a powerful writing tool to an immediate open access platform – Read more

Commentary I: Trust us, we are a University – Read more
Commentary II: Avoiding the Edge Effect  – Read more

Case study:License to Kill – From Killer Experiments and Synthetic Lethality – Read more

Useful Tools and Resources: fiddle, the file drawer data liberation effort tool – Read more

FUN Section – Read more

Newsletter May 2019


Recent publications related to Good Research Practice – Read more

  • Endogenous Enterobacteriaceae underlie variation in susceptibility to Salmonella infection LINK
  • Exact replication: Foundation of science or game of chance? LINK
  • Comparing quality of reporting between preprints and peer-reviewed articles in the biomedical literature LINK
  • FAIRsharing as a community approach to standards, repositories and policies LINK
  • Additional reads May 2019 LINK


  • Private forever LINK
  • Tax support and incentives for research and development LINK
  • Trial Transparency at European Universities LINK
  • It takes two to do the dance LINK
  • To p or not to p? LINK
  • Searching for incentives to do better research? LINK

Useful Tools and Resources

  • MANILA – A web tool for designing reproducible and transparent preclinical intervention studies LINK
  • Review of electronic laboratory notebooks published by LabsExplorer LINK

Calendar and next Events related to Good Research Practice LINK

Newsletter March 2019


  • PAASP moves across the Atlantic! LINK
  • PAASP US has won the NIH/NIDA Challenge Award LINK
  • Thank you, Bruce! Welcome, Glenn! LINK

Recent Publication related to Good Research Practice

  • Meta-Research: Incidences of problematic cell lines are lower in papers that use RRIDs to identify cell lines LINK
  • Why we need to report more than ’Data were Analyzed by t-tests or ANOVA’ LINK
  • A Reaction Norm Perspective on Reproducibility LINK
  • The Costs of Reproducibility LINK
  • The Brazilian Reproducibility Initiative LINK
  • Visualization of Biomedical Data LINK
  • Additional reads LINK

Commentary:Promoting transparency in preclinical research – Read more

Case study: ‘Something is rotten in the state of antibody quality’ –Read more

Useful Tools and Resources – Read more

Fun Section Read more

Newsletter December 2018


  • PAASP has a new office! Read more
  • 2nd Preclinical Data Network Training Workshop for Young Scientists Read more

Recent publications related to Good Research Practice

  • Digital tools and services to support research replicability and verifiability Read more
  • Reproducible research practices, transparency, and open access data in the biomedical literature, 2015–2017 Read more
  • How to design preclinical studies in nanomedicine and cell therapy to maximize the prospects of clinical translation Read more
  • To Read More Papers or to Read Papers Better? A Crucial Point for the Reproducibility Crisis Read more

Invited Commentary:“Octopus – A replacement for scientific publishing that rewards good research?” –Read more
Commentary:“Balancing futility and benefit” – Read more
Case study: “The SOD1 mouse – 10 years later” – Read more
Useful Tools and Resources

Fun Section

Newsletter November 2018

– ECNP Preclinical Network Data Prize: The Award Winner Read more
– PAASP’s ‘Data Quality’ workshop at the HBIGS – Read more
Featured publication: A Multi-Site Omics Study with iPSC-derived Neurons – Read more
Recent publications related to Good Research Practice – Read more
Invited Commentary: “Gods vs Earth Giants (by Elena Koustova)” – Read more
Commentary I: “Cutting the Gordian knots of industry-academia relationships” – Read more
Commentary II: “Of negative results and dust” – Read more
Case study: “Differential Induction of Innate Immune Responses by LPS” – Read more
Useful Tools and Resources – Read more
Quote of the Month – Read more
Fun Section – Read more
Calendar and next Events related to Good Research Practice – Read more

Newsletter September 2018

– ECNP Preclinical Network Data Prize: The Award Winner –  Read more 
– The Neuroscience 2018 Satellite Symposium –  Read more 

Recent publications related to Good Research Practice

  • To Have Practical Relevance, Scientific Claims Need to be Accurate Read more
  • Genetic and transcriptional evolution alters cancer cell line drug response  Read more
  • Guidelines on statistics for researchers using laboratory animals: the essentials  Read more
  • A randomised controlled trial of an Intervention to Improve Compliance with the ARRIVE guidelines (IICARus)  Read more
  • Evaluating the replicability of social science experiments in Nature and Science between 2010 and 2015  Read more

Commentary I: “How to pick an electronic laboratory notebook?” – Read more
Commentary II: “Research quality is an urgent matter” – Read more
Case study: “Andromeda and Orion of modern biomarker research” – Read more

Useful Tools and Resources
– A repository for protocols – – Read more
– A call for the Research Resource ID – Read more
– FAIR and ALCOAplus – data management principles – Read more

Past Events
– The Four Most Dangerous Words in Research? – Read more
– NC3R Workshop: “Improving peer review of in vivo research proposals” – Read more

Upcoming events: Where to meet PAASP Team members – Read more
Calendar and next Events related to Good Research Practice – Read more