Newsletter August 2020

          – PAASP US receives a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant – Read more
          – PAASP welcomes Dr. Valentina Vengeliene as a new member of the global PAASP Network – Read more
          – NIH RFI aims at enhancing rigor, transparency, and translatability to improve biomedical research – Read more

Featured publications

  • Impact of tumour heterogeneity and tissue sampling for genetic mutation testing: a systematic review and post hoc analysis – Read more
  • The Hong Kong Principles for assessing researchers: Fostering research integrity – Read more

Recent publications related to Good Research Practice

  • Reproducibility of animal research in light of biological variation – Read more
  • Academic criteria for promotion and tenure in biomedical sciences faculties: cross-sectional analysis of international sample of universities – Read more
  • Advancing science or advancing careers? Researchers’ opinions on success indicators – Read more
  • Using Bayes factor hypothesis testing in neuroscience to establish evidence of absence – Read more
  • Choice of y-axis can mislead readers – Read more
  • Additional reads in August 2020 – Read more

Commentary I: Our study was conducted according to…– Read more
Commentary II: Federal judge invalidates patents – but on the basis of a statistical mistake – Read more
Case study: Best-dose analysis: A confirmatory research case – Read more
Useful Tools and Resources: Risk‐of‐bias VISualization (robvis) – Read more

Newsletter May 2020


  • The Global Preclinical Data Forum announces the 2020 Negative Data Prize – Read more
  • Dr. Thomas Steckler joins the PAASP Advisory Board – Read more
  • PAASP welcomes Dr. Renza Roncarati as the newest member of the global PAASP Network – Read more
  • PLOS launches reserach data survey – Read more

Recent publications related to Good Research Practice

  • Variability in the analysis of a single neuroimaging dataset by many teams – Read more
  • Systematic review of guidelines for internal validity in the design, conduct and analysis of preclinical biomedical experiments involving laboratory animals – Read more
  • Die Reproduzierbarkeitskrise: Bedrohung oder Chance für die Wissenschaft? (In German) – Read more
  • Additional Reads this month – Read more

Commentary I: Conflict of Interest – Education needed!– Read more
Commentary II: Covid-19 and the PPV – Read more

Research: Research rigor in preclinical studies on biological effects of EMF exposure  Read more

Case study: Beauty is not everything – Read more

Useful Tools and Resources

  • Using Microsoft OneNote as an ELN – read more
  • Octopus: The primary research record – read more

FUN section – Read more

Newsletter March 2020

Coronavirus: The need for solid, robust data – Read more

Featured Publication:

  • Improving quality of preclinical academic research through auditing: A feasibility study – Read more

Recent publications related to Good Research Practice

  • No raw data, no science: another possible source of the reproducibility crisis – Read more
  • Research Culture and Reproducibility – Read more
  • Improving the trustworthiness, usefulness, and ethics of biomedical research through an innovative and comprehensive institutional initiative – Read more
  • Research Culture: Framework for advancing rigorous research – Read more
  • Comparing quality of reporting between preprints and peer-reviewed articles in the biomedical literature – Read more

Commentary on Walsh et al. “A case for a Fragility Index” – Read more

Data analysis – Issues, Challenges and Solutions:

  • Biological vs technical replicates: Now from a data analysis perspective – Read more

Useful Tools and Resources

  • The Embassy of Good Science – An online platform fostering research integrity – Read more
  • Sample Size Matters – An App Exploring Sample Size and Power – Read more

FUN Section – Read more

Newsletter January 2020


  • NIH has awarded an SBIR grant to a PAASP Network member in the US – Read more
  • New Author Guidelines to improve the robustness and transparency of scientific reporting for ASPET journals – Read more

Recent publications related to Good Research Practice

  • Rigor and Transparency Index, a new metric of quality for assessing biological and medical science methods – Read more
  • Publishers’ Responsibilities in Promoting Data Quality and Reproducibility – Read more
  • Is N-Hacking Ever OK? A simulation-based study – Read more

Commentary I: Is N-Hacking ever OK? – Read more
Commentary II: Of lab notebooks and leaders in science – Read more
Case study: From fecal transplants, obesity and the importance of randomization and normalization – Read more
FUN Section – Read more
Calendar and next Events related to Good Research Practice – Read more

Newsletter December 2019

        – New publication: Be positive about negatives – Read more
        – EQIPD Stakeholder Group Meeting – Read more
        – Kick-Off Meeting: Quality Standards for In Vitro Research – Read more
        – DRAFT NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing – Read more
        – PAASP at the REWARD/EQUATOR Conference in Berlin – Read more
Recent publications related to Good Research Practice  
        – Publication rates in animal research. Extent and characteristics of published and non-published animal studies followed up at two German university medical centres – Read more 
        – A consensus-based transparency checklist – Read more
        – Additional reads in December 2019 – Read more
Commentary I: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – Read more
Commentary II: Instead of replicating studies with problems, let’s replicate the good studies – Read more
Case study:When p-hacking is not p-hacking – Read more
FUN Section – Read more

NEWSLETTER November 2019


  • The EQIPD Video Series LINK
  • PAASP US Poster presentation at the Milken Institute LINK
  • PAASP signed the DORA Declaration LINK
  • New Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology focusing on Good Research Practice LINK
  • Presentation of the newly developed Guidelines On Target Validation for Innovative Therapeutics LINK
  • News from NIDA LINK

Recent publications related to Good Research Practice – Read more
Commentary: ARRIVE 2.0 – Read more
Case study: Estimation vs Hypothesis-Testing – Read more
Useful Tools and Resources – Read more
FUN Section – Read more