Since October 2017, the Swiss funder SNSF requires a Data Management Plan (DMP). The aim of a Data Management Plan (DMP) is to plan the life cycle of data. It offers a long-term perspective by outlining how data will be generated, collected, documented, shared and preserved. The SNSF provides templates to help researchers complete their data management plan. Each project’s DMP will refer to discipline specific standards and practices and thus its content may be different.
For pre-clinical in vivo research, transparency of animal experimentation should be maximal for better reproducibility, external validity, and the 3Rs application (Refine, Reduce, Replace animal experimentation). Therefore, a pre-clinical DMP may include animal experimentation data types. This published DMP document presents key elements related to a) Data collection and documentation b) Ethics, legal and security issues, c) Data storage and preservation and d) Data sharing and reuse, that may be included by researchers in a hypothesis-driven pre-clinical study.