“Trust us, we are a University”
KU Leuven was ranked the most innovative university in Europe for the fourth year in a row! This raises the question what is so special about this University? We have no specific answer but would like to remind our readers about a relatively recent case when KU Leuven attracted our attention:

On September 24, 2018, LU Leuven’s Rector Luc Sels gave a talk that is worth reading. We are not aware of too many examples of University rectors, presidents or top officials in companies who would be willing to make such mission statements.

We do not know for sure whether there is any connection between a university being highly successful in innovative research, on the one hand, and its administration demonstrating commitment to high research quality standards, on the other hand. However, we do believe that such connection should exist.

DISCLAIMER: PAASP is not responsible for the correctness of the translation into English.

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