PAASP, Henrich Pharma Consulting and Global Clinical Trials (GCT) are the founding members of the Pharma Innovation Excellence (PHINNEX) consortium

What is PHINNEX?
High-quality, cost-efficient drug discovery outsourcing to service providers and academic institutes in Eastern and Central Europe is managed by professionals and scientists with decades of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

PHINNEX matches the non-clinical outsourcing needs with the collaboration opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe. Professional CROs and creative Academia Institutes support industrial sponsors by providing cost-efficient services, time-efficient logistics, quality-focused staff and established industry benchmarks and standards.

Sponsor Benefits
The area of Central and Eastern Europe offers convincing benefits to sponsors. Highly competitive prices, professional training and expertise, the EU legal standards and a high level of IP safety. The largely untapped scientific expertise of the area gives sponsors a competitive edge through superior project performance. Cultural and geographical proximity guarantees ease of communication and logistics. And running drug R&D in this area through PHINNEX adds another benefit: Access to a Multitude of Services and Service Providers based on a Single Contract.