The world’s largest professional association of statisticians, the American Statistical Association, has made a public statement regarding the use of P-values in research. This statement, presented by Wasserstein and Lazar aims to provide some clarification on the proper use and interpretation of the p-value which „can be a useful statistical measure but is commonly misused and misinterpreted“. Understanding what the P value is clearly important to build a basis for good statistical practice. It is worth noting that this statement, no matter how official it is, does not communicate anything new that we did not know before. In fact, there have been dozens of previous publications that sent the same message about null hypothesis testing and the P value. Yet, this message has not been heard before and it is unclear what needs to be done for it to be translated into some action now. The answer is very simple: we, the biomedical researchers, can change the way we currently do data analysis only when we know and understand the better alternatives. This is something that is not communicated clearly and is well worth an effort. (