A long awaited revision of the ARRIVE guidelines has finally been published. There are three main reasons why the revision was badly needed and comes at the right time. 
First, the list of recommendations has been re-worked to identify the Essential 10 – i.e. those recommendations that should receive most attention. This is not to say that abstract or declaration of conflict of interest are not important but the enhanced focus on study design and analysis will make it easier for scientists to understand what the ARRIVE guidelines are for and why they cannot be ignored.
Second, for the original ARRIVE guidelines (as well as the Nature life sciences checklist that is related), it has always been unclear how scientists should respond and what information should be provided. Now, for the Essential 10, a companion manuscript provides detailed information with examples.
Third, the original ARRIVE guidelines have been published almost 10 years ago. Various analyses have shown that the guidelines may be known but are certainly not followed. With the ARRIVE 2.0, we, as the community, have a possibility to re-start the awareness campaign and engage synergistic efforts (e.g. EQIPD) to make sure that the ARRIVE 2.0 are also followed.


The ARRIVE guidelines published in 2010 https://test2.paasp.net/wp-content/plugins/arrive-guidelines/ are now updated.