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The EQIPD Framework
September 6, 2022

The EQIPD framework for rigor in the design, conduct, analysis, and documentation of animal experiments was published today. It defines the demands for…

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Bringing microscopy images to the next level
June 16, 2022

In this Nature Methods issue, the global microscopy community presented comprehensive efforts to improve reporting and reproducibility of microscopy images. Articles…

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The MDAR (Materials Design Analysis Reporting) Framework for transparent reporting in the life sciences
March 14, 2022

The MDAR working group came together in late 2017 with the intention to develop a framework to promote transparent reporting, with…

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Toward Standardized Guidelines for Investigating Neural Circuit Control of Behavior in Animal Research
November 3, 2021

With the advent of tools for recording and manipulating activity with high spatiotemporal resolution in defined neural circuits in behaving animals,…

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PAASP publication in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery: Improving target assessment in biomedical research – the GOT-IT recommendations
December 18, 2020

The PAASP team has published an article in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, together with research groups from the Fraunhofer IME-TMP and the…

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Guidelines for target validation published
November 16, 2020

The GOT-IT team, consisting of researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute, Charité and PAASP, announces the publication of their guidelines for target validation…

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The Hong Kong Principles for assessing researchers: Fostering research integrity
August 17, 2020

For knowledge to benefit research and society, it must be trustworthy. Trustworthy research is robust, rigorous, and transparent at all stages…

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Impact of tumour heterogeneity and tissue sampling for genetic mutation testing: a systematic review and post hoc analysis
August 17, 2020

Staff at QED Biomedical Ltd have conducted research to demonstrate how sample bias in patient- derived tumour tissue samples with somatic…

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Systematic review of guidelines for internal validity in the design, conduct and analysis of preclinical biomedical experiments involving laboratory animals
May 28, 2020

Several initiatives have set out to increase transparency and internal validity of preclinical studies. While many of the points raised in…

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Improving the trustworthiness, usefulness, and ethics of biomedical research through an innovative and comprehensive institutional initiative
March 31, 2020

The reproducibility crisis triggered worldwide initiatives to improve rigor, reproducibility, and transparency in biomedical research. There are many examples of scientists,…

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