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How to pick an electronic laboratory notebook

Commentary to Nature-Toolbox article by Roberta Kwok (August 6th, 2018)

Laboratory Notebooks (LN) play a key role in research since they are the primary reporting platform for research experiments and should contain all information about the experimental execution. For centuries, the written-paper-format has not changed and only in recent years, many electronic (eLN) solutions are emerging. This shift from paper LN to eLN seems to be obvious and necessary since paper lab notebooks cannot provide several comforts that eLNs can provide, such as easy data sharing, searching functionalities, linking to electronic data and more. However, of course there are also several disadvantages, such as dependency on software producer and equipment, and finding the fit-for-purpose product for your research unit within all the different solutions provided on the market. For the last point, Roberta Kwok provides excellent guidance with several key aspects to consider when choosing an electronic solution. (LINK)


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